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We would like to welcome you to our Web site and to our Bullema Bull Terrier’s.

We are Énio and Marisa, and our beloved baby, Tomás.(Tommy for friends)
We live in a country side in a small village called Mafra, West in the Middle West of Portugal, having a small breed mentality in that we give to all our dogs the extra care and attention they immensely deserved. This enables us to give the proper individual care and attention which each dog needs and deserves all their lives. All our own dogs are first and foremost family pets.
We strive for perfection in temperament, soundness and quality, our aim is to breed healthy, sound and well-tempered bull terriers.
We only have a select number of litters per year.  We may on occasion have a few puppies available to select caring, loving, and responsible owners.
Feel free to browse through the site and come back often as hopefully you find it enjoyable and certainly, from us, very welcome.
Please contact us if you would like any further information or advice regarding Bullies as we will be pleased to help.

Por favor contactar para mais informações e conselhos respeitante a raça Bull Terrier, será um prazer ajudar.


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É o orgulho que nos move e diariamente nos estampa no rosto um riso de glória e de eterna divida

It is pride that moves us daily and places a smile on our faces, gives us the laughter of glory and eternal debt...




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